Bangkok, Thailand — (SBWIRE) — 06/20/2013 — Bangkok 925 is one of the most popular wholesale manufacturers and suppliers of silver jewelry online. The jewelry store started its wholesale operations in Bangkok (Thailand) in 2001 and later opened an online jewelry store in 2003. The jewelry store displays different sterling silver jewelry collections offered at an economical price range to customers. A full time technology department has been appointed by the company to effectively operate e-commerce systems along with other distribution methods worldwide.

The company says, “Our wholesale jewelry from Thailand comes with the best quality at the lowest jewelry prices”. Bangkok 925 displays exclusive collections of 925 sterling silver jewelry, body jewelry, steel jewelry and other categories of fashion jewelry online. The online store also focuses on delivering customized jewelry pieces based on the specific and unique requirements of customers.

Each of the specific jewelry categories includes different types of designs within itself. The silver jewelry category consists of silver bead collection, and wholesale silver bracelets, silver necklaces, silver pendants, and silver rings in addition to silver toe rings and silver charms with lobster. The body jewelry collections include nose studs, labrets jewelry, ear plugs jewelry, ear tapers and expanders, straight barbells and many more collections online.

The online store displays top handmade jewelry collections by Australian crystal jewelry, plain silver jewelry, cubic zirconia jewelry and child jewelry. Customers are given an option to shop online for specific jewelry pieces based on prices, collections and jewelry colors as well. The company specifies that all the silver jewelry collections are made from pure 92.5 sterling silver. 316L surgical stainless steel is used in producing different varieties of body jewelry.

Bangkok 925 offers trendy and designer collections of fashion jewelry such as shamballa bracelets, pendants, toe rings, ear rings, necklaces, ear studs and further collections made from brass, steel and other precious metals. The company stocks trendy and innovative collections of Pandora style silver beads in large numbers.

The company continuously takes effort in modernizing jewelry designs and thereby offers quality jewelry at factory prices. It is possible for customers to place an online order for jewelry designs, and the company provides free shipping facility especially for orders priced above $499. The company guarantees quality assurance, and the products ordered will be delivered within 24 hours.

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About Bangkok 925
Bangkok 925 is a top jewelry store which deals with wholesale production and supply of silver sterling jewelry. The jewelry store was opened in 2001 in Bangkok (Thailand). Later, the company expanded its business and started an online jewelry store in 2003. The company offers different exclusive collections of 92.5 silver sterling jewelry, steel jewelry, body jewelry and fashion jewelry online at an economical price.

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155/84 Pruksa Previet
Soi Navamin 111
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Bangkok 10240
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HOW_TO_SHOP_AT_BANGKOK925, a leading wholesale jewelry distributor in Thailand, offers a wide collection of wholesale 925 silver jewelry pieces at an affordable price. The mission of the said distributor is to offer buyers a chance to get the best silver jewelry deals through its discounts. offers a wide range of silver jewelry categories such as 925 Sterling Silver, which is made from 92.5 pure sterling silver; 316 Stainless Steel, which features high-end finish; Body Piercing, which is made from 316/316lvm implantation surgical stainless steel; and Fashion Jewelry/Costume Jewelry, which is made from brass, steel and other none precious metals. The jewelries’ volume discounts start at $1,000.

The said store assures potential customers that they will not experience any hassle when it comes to placing an order because it offers a safe and secure payment mode and personal identity protection. The jewelry store also has the lowest factory direct prices and offers worldwide free shipping on orders over $499.

To ensure the satisfaction of customers, the store constantly modernizes its jewelry factory, expands its jewelry designs and collections, and provides the most sophisticated internet technology for the jewelry industry. It also leverages its resources and knowledge in online jewelry marketing, computer programming and jewelry production. also offers complete tips and information to buyers on how to choose the right silver wholesale jewelry that will suit their taste and meet their needs as well.
With the store’s 100% pure silver jewelry collection, dedicated customer service and fast shipping, it was able to establish trust and loyalty among its customers.

“ has become a key partner for my wholesale jewelry business. They understand the benefits of mutual success and seem to always put their customers first the way any good business should.”– Alisa Fong Chicago, USA
“Thank you for your top service and your commitment to highest quality jewelry I have found online” –Denis Mischle, Sidney, Australia

With the rising popularity of Bangkok925, it is expected to have a surge of more buyers in the next coming weeks. The owners of the said store are also anticipated to add more items to their wholesale jewelry Thailand collection to provide shoppers with more selections to choose from.

For more information about Bangkok925 and its latest jewelry collections, visit its website at or its address at 155/84 Pruksa Previet, Soi Navamin 111, Navamin, Beungkum, Bangkok 10240 Thailand. Interested individuals can also call (+66) 02-187-2386 for more inquiries.

( February 11, 2013 —, a leading jewellery manufacturer and supplier, is offering wholesale jewellery at affordable rates. They cater 925 sterling silver, 316 stainless steel, body piercing, fashion jewellery as well as handmade jewellery in Bangkok, Thailand.

Aside from their world class factory of jewelleries, also takes pride in their full time team of highly skilled professionals who are all dedicated in developing innovative e-commerce systems and online distribution strategies for managing their jewellery sales. also offers wholesale custom jewellery, Thailand silver jewellery, and wholesale silver jewellery. Everyone can be assured that their offered jewelleries are of high quality and can last for a lifetime. started as a small jewellery production company in year 2001 yet with the increasing demand for their manufactured jewelleries, they have decided to move towards the online world in year 2003. They now offer varieties of jewelleries online. Everyone has the freedom to choose which jewelleries are best suited for their needs. The price of jewelleries at is unbeatable. Their shipping costs are also affordable which makes them as the primary choice of those who purchase jewellery in bulk. The local headquarter of the company is located in Thailand and they are now serving many customers across the globe.

Currently, doesn’t accept any walk-in customers and they only sell jewelleries online. Therefore, interested buyers should make their order online to get wide collection of wholesale fashion jewellery. To help their customers pick the finest jewellery that would match to their preferences, the company is also going to open a showroom soon., as a reliable wholesale jewellery supplier and manufacturer, is committed in providing everyone top quality jewellery items that would help their customers’ business grow. The company continues to develop more jewellery and is planning to expand their collection so each of their customers will have plenty of choices when shopping around for their desired jewellery. jewellery was made with the use of advanced technologies. They have extensive resources and knowledge in producing jewellery that would stand out among their competitors. Moreover, also does their best to provide a world class customer support to respond to their issues as quickly as possible.

Interested readers who want to know more about the wholesale jewellery offered by may visit They may also give the company a call or contact them by leaving a message.

Address: 155/84 Pruksa Previet Soi Navamin 111 Navamin, Bangkok 10240 Thailand
Telephone No.: (+66) 02-187-2386

Bangkok, Thailand — (SBWIRE) — 01/14/2013 — Started in 2001, Bangkok 925 is the top name in online jewellery sale. A place where one can buy any kind of wholesale costume jewellery and fashion jewellery online. They are the number one wholesale fashion jewellery distributors. Bangkok925 has its own production facility where they manufacture wholesale fashion and costume jewellery. The production house is equipped with some of the best machinery to support the excellent and trained staff from all over the world. The employees are trained in making excellent costume and fashion jewellery. With innovation and technology playing a great role in defining their success, Bangkok925 has been able to cater for wide markets in Asia, Europe and Africa. The online store gives access to some of the finest wholesale costume jewellery. One need not go to any store as they can find great options in fashion jewellery online at Bangkok 925. Bangkok925 fashion and costume jewellery is not just available to individual buyers but for buyers with bulk deals as well.

Bangkok925 has some exquisite designs that meet international standards as well as better than most of the fashion and costume jewellery by top brands. In the last decade Bangkok925 has become a household name in Thailand and most of Asian countries for their elegant style, design and amazing prices. The products listed on Bangkok925 are extremely cheap and one can easily buy their favorite fashion jewellery online as Bangkok is the official wholesale fashion jewellery distributor. One can browse through a great selection of fashion jewellery online and make purchases. The transactions are safe and secure and the shipping is free of cost. Once the payment is received, the delivery is done extremely fast. One can now enjoy amazing fashion and costume jewellery at wholesale price by ordering it from Bangkok925. “Thanks to Bangkok925 I have the latest and the most amazing fashion jewellery and at the best wholesale price”, says Erica. “Bangkok925 has one of the most amazing designs available on their website. The jewellery looks extremely elegant and classy and at a dirt cheap price”, says Christopher, one of the distributors for Bangkok925. “Our innovation, technology and design helps us being class apart from the rest and the prices we offer for our jewellery is unmatched by any of our competitors”, says Gunther, Store manager, Bangkok925.


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Address: 155/84 Pruksa Previet Soi Navamin 111
Navamin, Bangkok 10240

Phone Number: (+66) 02-187-2386
Bangkok, Thailand — (SBWIRE) — 01/09/2013 — Fashion keeps evolving and a big part of this evolution comprises of accessories like body piercing jewelry that has and continues to make waves in the industry. A while back, body piercing was considered cool, but there were still concerns about the art being implemented using hygienic tools. Today, with more advanced techniques used in body piercing with fashion jewelry, more and more people are contemplating getting it done on their bodies.

Today, the art of body piercing is considered a big part of everyday fashion and this in turn has encouraged new and funky accessories being introduced on the racks of wholesale body jewelry dealers. If an individual has had body piercing done in the past, they probably had to choose from a couple of standard piercing options. Today, these options still exist, but in addition there are accessories that were once absent from the scene. If an individual wants to get their body pierced today, they can choose from a wide range of body piercing jewelry options.

Some of these options are even a little less painful in terms of the pain experienced while getting the piercing done. And, for those who don’t want to go through any kind of physical pain of any magnitude, there are body jewelry non piercing options too. One can enjoy the luxury to choose, based on their personal taste, preference and the type of look they want to create. Piercing body jewelry can get a little expensive if silver jewelry is requested in the form of accessories.

For a one time investment, this may still seem ok, but if body pierced is done a number of times, it is better to look for wholesale body jewelry options. When jewelry is bought in wholesale, obviously saving comes naturally, on the total amount but that is not all; the chance to choose from a variety of different options is also available. If body piercing jewelry is bought from one particular store, options are limited only to that particular store. On the other hand, many choose to take the online route, where they can buy wholesale body jewelry for less and also get to choose from exclusive pieces that are rare to find in the market.

Body piercing jewelry can be bought on

Bangkok, Bangkok — (SBWIRE) — 12/24/2012 — Bangkok 925 are very popular jewelry manufactures and dealers in Bangkok, Thailand. Their online website dedicated to sell the most stylish and tasteful pieces of jewelry to the customers at a wholesale rate.Their selection includes jewelry made of 925 Sterling Silver,14K Solid Gold, Solid Titanium and they are also known to offer jewelry made of 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. These days there is great demand of stainless steel jewelry in the market. Many people are investing in this metal for the sheer fact that it’s highly affordable, reliable and yet creates a very classy look.

On visiting the website, you will find a vast variety of beautiful stainless steel wholesale jewelry pieces and their collection includes 316 Steel Bracelets, 316 Steel Ear Studs, 316 Steel Pendants, 316 Steel Necklaces and 316 Steel rings. This humongous range will catch the interest of men in particular who prefer to keep it simple when it comes to choosing accessories or clothing for themselves. However, the trend seems to be changing as times are changing. The inclination towards fashion has been long there but online men’s jewelry had been an underserved market for a long time; adding stainless steel jewelry for men, to capture and bank on this market was definitely their next natural step.

A customer can browse for the jewelry either by price, collection or color to find the relevant results and continue to place the order even without the registration. However, the website highly recommends its customers to create an account to review and track their orders. The process to place the order is fairly simple and they are currently offering free shipping for a minimum purchase order. Depending on the location, they may take up to 4-8 business days for the delivery of the order.

Other features of the site include silver jewelry, fashion jewelry, body jewelry and other accessories that would trigger the interests of people. All the pieces are designed and styled to match the modern lifestyle, yet retaining the element of tradition. They even allow the customer to design their very own personalized jewelry that can be purchase right from the website at the production cost.

Don’t let their low prices fool you. Since, the products come directly from their factory outlet, there is no over head cost added; making the cost of these breathtaking jewelry pieces very low, yet retaining the highest standards of quality.

To witness a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, visit their website

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Navamin, Bangkok — (SBWIRE) — 12/20/2012 — Jewelries are expensive, but not at, they released a range of cheap jewelry online for 2012-2013 today with many new additions.

“With over 20000 designs, we have always seen an overwhelming shopping experience and have been successful in retaining over 78% of our customers,” says George Brady at

“We have made sure that people do not have to go to any other website, we provide jewelries of all kinds under one umbrella. The jewelry inventory speaks about us so is the website’s ease of use”. Adds George Brady.

A company that believes in customer first & mutual success follows simple principle of mutual success and always put their customers first the way any good business does.

They have announced the addition of new features to their website, designed to make navigation and availability of information more readily available.

For more questions about this press release pleases contact George Brady, at (+66) 02-187-2386 or email

About Bangkok925
Bangkok925 is the region’s favorite wholesale fashion jewelry e-commerce portal containing over 20000 designer ornaments. It is believed to be the best e-portal for numerous designs and delivery time, they promise a 24 hours turnaround time. For international shipping’s they have a different criteria, please refer to the website for more details.

They bank exclusive and very high quality jewelries. They research, analyze & put together best items up for sale. Some of the jewelries listed on the website, many people may not have heard of. The goal behind building this website was to bring small and large quantity consumers for a mutually beneficial relationship making the most preferential one.

More information can be found at the website .

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