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Bangkok925 wholesale jewelry

Free Drop Shipping offers a free drop shipping program.  Wholesalers interested in offering products to their customers can access category and product information through our automated system free of charge. offers information in two formats.   First, product information is available through a CSV per category.  List of all categories and a link to their CSV can be found at also offers product information by category formatted in XML available at

Either one of these methods provide product information such as product name, description, price, quantity available, image location and identification.   This information is updated on a daily basis.  Wholesalers can use the information to offer these products on their website. does not brand these products or watermark the images.

Under the free program, once an end customer places an order on the drop shipper’s site, the drop shipper must place the order on and complete payment. will ship the products to the drop shipper under our normal shipping policy.


Complete reseller automation including order handling. also offers a complete API system for resellers who wish to automate the process and have ship directly to the end customer.

The automated API offers product information using the same methods as the free drop shipping program, either XML or CSV.  In addition, also provides an API system to accept orders without the reseller having to manually place the order on   These orders can be shipped directly to the end customer branded as the reseller.’s API works using XML and JSON standards.  Orders arrive using the API will be packaged by and ship directly to the end customer.   Under the API system, product information, order placement, and order/shipping status can be exchange between’s database and the reseller automatically.

The complete API system requires a monthly maintenance fee and a handling fee per order.  Implementing the API system requires technical understanding. is happy to assist developers with directions, documentation and examples of the API system.

For more information on the API please contact directly.

Bangkok, Thailand — (SBWIRE) — 12/17/2012 — Jewelry lovers, who are looking for some unique and high quality silver jewelry at a low price, can now head to an online website

Though there are several brick-and-motor jewelry stores, the stock and the designs offered by them are often repetitive, and the price tag associated are also inflated. With internet becoming an integral part of our lives, many people turn to online retailers to purchase jewelry. Finding a quality online retailer is no easy job, if the jewelry pieces are priced right, the quality is often compromised. Bangkok925 are online wholesale jewelry manufactures and dealers, and they fill this gap by offering high quality 925 silver jewelry pieces at a very affordable price.

They started out in 2001 in Bangkok, Thailand as a jewelry production company and added the internet development department in 2003. Since then there has been no looking back. Their e-commerce website is added with some great designs almost every single day making them the most sort-after online jewelry wholesalers.

You can choose from 1000’s of their 925 silver jewellery designs or have a piece custom designed by them. They use highest grade of raw material and they follow strict quality assurance process to deliver the best, all this is offered to the customers at the production cost. Their extensive jewelry collection includes 925 silver rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, toe rings, beads and charms. The rarest of the combinations like sliver with pearls or silver with rare gems are also available with them. Since they are wholesalers, their prices are lower than most of the retailers, thus delighting the customers with some unique and innovative designs coupled with great budget.

The online website is very user-friendly and lets the customer to create an account for free and manage their complete order online with ease. Apart from providing an uncomplicated online shopping interface, bangkok925 allow its customers to sign for their email newsletter to remain up to date on special offers and latest additions to the website.

Currently they have over 50,000 silver jewelry pieces in stock and you can view their complete range which will leave you mesmerized at


Wholesale fashion jewelry retailer announces the release of the whole new segment of sterling silver jewelry

Bangkok, Thailand — (SBWIRE) — 11/30/2012 — Wholesale jewelry provider released its new 2012-2013 range of the highest engrossing silver jewelry inventory today with many new additions.

“Our exclusivity and consumer oriented website followed by 20000+ collection of jewelries makes us the fiercest online portal out smarting any other competition in our region,” says Peter Emanuele at

“People come to us with a certain impression on their mind – and they walk out with almost every item that lured them, we have always seen repeated business, statistically over 78% of our customers come to our website very frequently. as a company specializes in the wholesale jewelry business. They understand the benefits of mutual success and seem to always put their customers first the way any good business does. They have announced the addition of new features to their website, designed to make navigation and availability of information more readily available.

About Bangkok925
Bangkok925 is the region’s favorite wholesale silver jewelry e-commerce portal. provides high quality, affordable and sometimes hard to find jewelries. Through research and analysis they assemble what is believed to be most sought after and unique jewelry sets. Some of the jewelries listed on the website, many people may not have heard of. The goal behind building this website was to bring small and large quantity consumers for a mutually beneficial relationship.

More information can be found at the website

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 01, 2012 ) Bangkok, Thailand — A brisk increase of international customers and online traffic has enabled wholesale jewelry supplier to exceed expectations in growth. So much so, the company has expanded to a larger warehouse and increased their work force to accommodate the rapid uptick in sales.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our customers for making 2012 our best year yet, says David Levy, the director and spokesperson for the company.

After experiencing 100% growth over the last two quarters, prepares to surpass the new demands with a focus on the quality of its products and the ability to satisfy customers.

As we move into the future together, Bangkok925 vows to remain dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service that has made us a leader in the wholesale jewelry online marketplace, says Levy.

The company recently moved into a new warehouse strategically located in Bangkok. The new, larger warehouse is designed to facilitate rapid preparation of orders and timely service along with high quality assurances. In addition, expanded their work force to meet their goal of personalized service regardless of customer base. Although their website has become increasingly popular, the supplier of jewelry wants to make every customer feel like a VIP.

Because of this, has also expanded their IT division, with the aim of developing an innovative website front end. We are looking at new and better ways to present our products, services and information. We hope to set a new standard in the Bangkok jewelry online wholesale community states Levy.

A big reason for Bangkok925.coms successful growth over 2012 was the companys ability to reach a diverse customer base. Offering wholesale jewelry at a low minimum of 99 USD in conjunction with great looking and assorted jewelry products has attracted customers from all over the world and all walks of life.
One great feature on their website allows customers to shop by price, an example of the companys earnestness in helping customers find the products that suit them best. Their website has other search abilities to make shopping easy. plans to develop even more online customer tools to better organize and navigate the large selection of over 20,000 jewelry items. Their website offers sterling silver 925, stainless steel 316 jewelry, body jewelry and fashion jewelry. continues to invest in their wholesale jewelry infrastructure with the goal of becoming the clear market leader. They will persist in expanding their product collections with more choices and styles. In addition to this, the company knows that the heart of their business is commitment to customer satisfaction and great value for the money. promises to keep their personal touch no matter their size and will to use growth as a vehicle for improvement.

About is a website offering affordable wholesale jewelry to anyone in the world. The warehouse space is being expanded, so there will be nothing but a greater amount of selection in the near future. For more information, visit

Silver Jewelry, Thailand’s premier wholesale jewelry website, is offering free shipping on all orders over $499, as well as a low-minimum order amount of $99. The website offers jewelry in every style, for every type of person, and for any kind of event.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 03, 2012 ) Bangkok, Thailand — launched with the goal of offering quality wholesale jewelry at the best prices available. “We are one of the largest jewelry wholesalers in Thailand. We currently have a vast selection of over 20,000 items in stock, and we will be doubling that by the end of this year,” said Dave, spokesperson for the company. In 2011, was voted the most trusted online jewelry wholesaler by its customers. Customers cite the company’s competitive prices, quality service, and no questions asked money back guarantee, as reasons why they prefer the website to other wholesale websites, especially for wholesale fashion jewelry. “We have the best of fashion jewelry wholesale items,” Dave continued. “Our customers keep coming back because we offer such a wide variety of options.” is a one-stop shop for quality jewelry. From handmade silver earrings to silver bracelets and necklaces, the site is the ideal online location for sterling silver jewellery lovers. The company is able to stick with their low prices because they offer factory direct items, however all pieces sold through the site are quality items that jewelry enthusiasts would be excited to buy and share their new fashion finds with their friends and family. By offering free shipping on orders over $499, the company is giving customers the opportunity to buy to their heart’s content, without breaking their budgets.

30 300x180 Offers Free Shipping on Wholesale Jewelry Orders is the ideal online wholesale silver jewelry buying destination for both, individuals and those looking to resell jewelry. The website offers shoppers the ability to search within the price range they desire, as well as by color, or the style of jewelry they are looking for.

To order from the Bangkok925 website or see the over 20,000 items offered by the online wholesaler, visit their website to take advantage of their free shipping offer. For more information, please visit

About offers a diverse and attractive selection of jewelry at low prices. They produce 316 steel, 925 silver and fashion jewelry at lower prices than similar jewelry products from other manufactures guaranteed. Their wholesale jewelry from Thailand comes with the high quality at the affordable prices.

wholesale jewelry by
WEBWIRE – Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand – has begun a redesign of their wholesale silver jewelry website in order surge towards the industry front and center online shopping location. One main focus of the redesign is elevation of the customer experience. In direct accordance with this purpose, will publish a series of articles and tutorials illustrating the details of the redesign process. In these publications, identifies challenges it found while conducting an online business, and presents their solutions to overcome each obstacle.

“We have learned a lot over the last few years about what it takes to create a successful online wholesale jewelry business.” States David Levy, founder of “One constant for any website is to offer relevant information. As a wholesaler our customers also operate businesses and many of them have websites. They will find our experience very relevant. It suddenly became obvious to us that sharing our growing pains would help our customers in their invariable pursuit of improving their own businesses.”’s website redesign will begin with a facelift to modernize their look. Over the years the wholesaler has been operating, the web has tremendously changed. Part of the new web look requires taking advantage of the reliability and functionality of current internet browsers. applies JavaScript and CSS to advance their sales of wholesale silver jewelry.

One of the most apparent features of’s new look is their improved navigation menu. The menu takes advantage of CSS rules to create a fly out dropdown menu, allowing the site to remove their sidebar menus and creating a larger area to display content and products.

In addition to improved spatial efficiency, new exterior is meant for visitors to feel more connected to the wholesale jewelry the site offers. The silver jewelry wholesaler wants every visitor to understand they are browsing an industry leading site clearly operated by professionals. has learned that appearances matter as it indicates a level of commitment. Customers have a very difficult time trusting poorly designed websites.

In addition to the cosmetic and navigational portions, plans to roll out a series of new functionality aimed at ease of shopping and customer support. One serious commitment is to find ways for customers to more easily relay their experience to the site operators.

“Customers and visitors can best tell us how to improve our site, our jewelry and our business. In the end, they are the experts who know best” explains David Levy. will introduced new features like live customer support and customer experience surveys to promote communication between the wholesale jewelry supplier and their site’s visitors.

The redesign will be done in stages. The development along with the published content can be observed at

About offers a diverse and attractive selection of wholesale jewelry at low factory prices. They produce 316 steel, 925 silver and fashion jewelry at lower prices than similar jewelry products from other manufactures guaranteed. Their wholesale jewelry from Thailand comes with the high quality at the affordable prices.