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WEBWIRE – Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bangkok, ThailandBangkok925.com will expand their reach into the wholesale jewelry market by extending integration of jewelry services at various levels of production and distribution. The new measures will create access points for Bangkok925.com partners and divisions to integrate their products and services into a larger wholesale network.

The integration services came from a natural evolution following the growth of the company. Bangkok925.com has been working for many years in tandem amid jewelry manufacturing and IT services related to product management and distribution. From the beginning Bangkok925.com set out to create an efficient and robust system of business that centered on a large database of products in conjunction with a standardized method of inventory and quality control. The success of the standardized methods has created opportunities for Bangkok925.com and their partners.

“We use to only get phone calls about our jewelry,” said David Levy from Bangkok925.com, “but then we started getting more and more calls from jewelry professionals in Bangkok and throughout the world who wanted to know more about our technical abilities.”

One of the first such technical tools was Bangkok925.com’s pricing calculator for jewelry production shops. The company created the tool to efficiently manage pricing alongside volatile material pricing of precious metals. Bangkok925.com standardized their database protocols to accommodate their providers of wholesale silver jewelry material and their databases. This led to an increase in efficiency for both Bangkok925.com and the silver providers. Soon after, some of the sterling silver jewelry providers expressed interest in using the system in more of their operations. Bangkok925.com continued to see opportunities to further ally itself in cooperation with other jewelry industry for mutual benefit.

By year’s end Bangkok925.com expects to triple its inventory, triple their Internet foot print, and triple their business partnerships.