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Bangkok925 wholesale jewelry

Free Drop Shipping

Bankok925.com offers a free drop shipping program.  Wholesalers interested in offering Bangkok925.com products to their customers can access category and product information through our automated system free of charge.

Bangkok925.com offers information in two formats.   First, product information is available through a CSV per category.  List of all categories and a link to their CSV can be found at


Bangkok925.com also offers product information by category formatted in XML available at


Either one of these methods provide product information such as product name, description, price, quantity available, image location and identification.   This information is updated on a daily basis.  Wholesalers can use the information to offer these products on their website.  Bangkok925.com does not brand these products or watermark the images.

Under the free program, once an end customer places an order on the drop shipper’s site, the drop shipper must place the order on Bangkok925.com and complete payment.  Bangkok925.com will ship the products to the drop shipper under our normal shipping policy.


Complete reseller automation including order handling. 

Bangkok925.com also offers a complete API system for resellers who wish to automate the process and have Bangkok925.com ship directly to the end customer.

The automated API offers product information using the same methods as the free drop shipping program, either XML or CSV.  In addition, Bangkok925.com also provides an API system to accept orders without the reseller having to manually place the order on Bangkok925.com.   These orders can be shipped directly to the end customer branded as the reseller.

Bangkok925.com’s API works using XML and JSON standards.  Orders arrive using the API will be packaged by Bangkok925.com and ship directly to the end customer.   Under the API system, product information, order placement, and order/shipping status can be exchange between Bangkok925.com’s database and the reseller automatically.

The complete API system requires a monthly maintenance fee and a handling fee per order.  Implementing the API system requires technical understanding.  Bangkok925.com is happy to assist developers with directions, documentation and examples of the API system.

For more information on the API please contact Bangkok925.com directly.